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Desktop Migration:


Most companies have to alternate their laptops and PCs about every three or four years. Technology progresses so quickly that computers need to be upgraded to run newer applications, before the warranty expires and is left unrepairable by desk-side support.

The refresh process is timely and continuous,once the computers are upgraded, it is time to start the process over. Given the involvement of the task, employing a permanent IT staff to handle the job is too costly and tedious for many firms. Desktop migration professionals tend to have a raised skill set because of the liability associated with the process, so they request higher salaries.
For this reason, the clear choice to outsource this function is BroadAxis, a company devoted to the task of efficient and cost-effective desktop migration services.

BroadAxis offers:

The benefits of outsourcing the desktop migration process outweigh those associated with doing the job in house.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
  • Lowered Costs, Greater Flexibility and More Control
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Convenient Remote Service
  • A Full Package within Budget


Countless details are involved in the desktop migration process. If done incorrectly, the company pays the price of lower employee productivity, reduced customer satisfaction and diminished profits.

By contracting with BroadAxis that has a professional staff dedicated to this task, the project will be on schedule. Refreshes are completed the first time and at the convenience of the customer, so the whole process is cost effective and more efficient. Lastly, BroadAxis allows your company to focus on your business rather than your IT needs.



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